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Hernando Diaz
Musician/Pixel Artist/Amateur Gamedev

--[ Q/A Bio (Still in works) ]--

[ Who am I? ]

A part time gamer (Whenever I have the time but mostly working. Struggling artist to improve on self's artwork/design.

Formerly known as Tsu Ryu as my MIDI cover/artist name in the past. Former moderator. Frequent VGMUSIC.COM uploader. 8-Bit pixel artist.

A game programmer whom is still studying to create the game of his own dreams and have it published one day (Well, hopefully one day. Can't say never.) although I am studying both the programming languages of GML/C# and 6502 to create PC and NES/Famicom games.

Started music composition at the age of 20 using a MIDI piano (Kinda failed at it) but first program was MIDI Digital Orchestrator for Windows 98 SE. Went on to learning about using DAWs like FL Studio to create more fluent sounding music after fiddling with the usage of Soundfonts to get better but improved sound. Years later discovered MCK/MML markup language for the NES/Famicom system sound and began to create 8-bit tunes on own study of the language.

It wasn't then until I discovered FAMITRACKER after failing to use NerdTracker II but sort of succeeded but found the software VERY useful.

[ Where do I come from? ]

From the city that never sleeps, Manhattan New York City (USA)

[ Game Consoles owned? ]

NES (Old ver. and Top loader), Sega Genesis (Altered Beast System), Super Famicom, Gameboy (2x), PSP (2000 and 3000), PS2, PS3 and PS4

[ Hobbies? ]

Cooking (Formerly a prep/line cook at american/french restaurants/steak houses), drawing/sketching/CG/Pixel artwork, Martial arts exercise, Storyline writing/Roleplaying online, some photography (When I have a chance), vintage game collecting.

[ Anything else? ]

Not for now, just keeping this profile very brief.