Makaijima 4.0

Name : Hiru H. Diaz

Age : 29

Sign : Leo (July 22nd - August 22nd)

Gender : Male

POB : New York City (Manhattan)

Marital Status : Engaged to Jeli-chan :D

Employment : Currently employed.

Alias : Tsu Ryu

Occupation : Electronic/Chiptune musician and cartoonist.

Chiptune formats worked on :
2a03 Nintendo Soundchip (2a03, Famicom FDS, Konami VRC6/7, Namco N106 and Sunsoft MMC5 Expansion chips)
x68k Yamaha YM2151 Soundchip
MSX AY3-8910 PSG Soundchip
FM Synthesis emulated

Music Tools :
Fruity Loops Studio 9
Piston/Pixel Collage
MCK/MML Programming Language software
Digital Orchestrator 3 Pro

Hobbies : Martial Arts, music compositions, Soccer, Oldschool gaming, freestyle cartooning.